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CamFun™ Kids Instant Print Camera
CamFun™ Kids Instant Print Camera
CamFun™ Kids Instant Print Camera
CamFun™ Kids Instant Print Camera

CamFun™ Kids Instant Print Camera

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The CamFun™ Kids Instant Print Camera is the first camera design specially for kids to print photos directly from it making precious moments tangible! It uses thermal paper instead of the costly film which makes printing significantly cheaper so that kids can print to their heart content without worries. Exercise creativity to draw and color on the prints to add life to the photos and turn them into a hand-crafted photo album!

PRINT PHOTO INSTANTLY AND CONVENIENTLY - Print photos immediately from the camera anytime and anywhere without needing to transfer them to a computer and bringing it to a shop for printing.

SAVE MONEY. 36X CHEAPER THAN OTHER FILM CAMERA - Other instant print camera requires dedicated film that is unique to the brand of the camera and cost $12 for a pack of 20 films. CamFun™ uses the thermal paper of any brand and costs only $1 per roll which can print up to 60 photos each. This makes CamFun™ an economical solution for kids who are just starting off! Let them print freely and have fun without you worrying about incurring too much cost.

EASY TO USE AND MAINTAIN NO INK REQUIRED - Thermal printing uses heat to print photos which require no ink to do so. Simply charge the camera and insert paper roll to start printing.

TURNING MEMORIES TANGIBLE - Handcopy photos can be displayed at home, kept inside a wallet or anywhere visible. While many things are digitalised these days, memories like these are some of the very few things worth having them tangible.

EXERCISE CREATIVITY - More than just a camera toy, photos printed can be drawn or colored and turned into a photo album or sketchbook. Get creative and make a handmade gift with it.

PERFECT FOR OUTING AND PARTIES - There's no better gift to give the family and friends than photos taken by the young photographer. Meaningful and memorable.

CHILD-FRIENDLY AND SAFE - The camera is large enough to fit in nicely into the young hands to ensure a firm grip. CamFun™ is made to the highest safety standard to ensure a safe and fun time.

DOUBLED AS A DIGITAL CAMERA - Photo can be stored in the TF Card and viewed directly on the camera, or transfer to a computer if you do not wish to print it. It is the only camera that serves as both an instant print and a digital camera.

Research has shown that photography is a great activity for child development that helps to unleash creativity, expand imagination, encourage presentation skills, cognitive ability, and more. CamFun™ is designed to offer all of the learning experiences and even to print photos directly from the camera, unlike a regular digital camera. Photo printed can serve as a great memory or gift where your child or his/her friends will be able to look back in the future and be reminded of the good days. Moreover, thermal printing makes a very affordable printing option which costs no longer becomes a concern, and kids can take as many photos as they like.

Note: As we are in the peak period of the year and Covid-19 isn't making the situation any better, orders made today MAY NOT arrive by Christmas.


Where is this shipped from?
Our main warehouse is in the United States and we have a partner warehouse in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Europe which allows us to ship everything domestically.

What age is this suitable for?
Easy to operate and perfect size for ages 3-12.

Can the photos be saved on the camera?
It comes with an 8GB TF card (free for a limited time) that allows you to store up to 6000 pictures!

Can the photos be printed anytime or must it be printed immediately?
It can be printed immediately and also anytime in the playback mode.

Where can I get the paper refill?
Directly from our site! We are offering free worldwide shipping even if it is just one item.

Will I get the free gift (8GB TF Card + 3 Paper Refill) if I purchase today?
At the moment yes! We have a limited set of free gifts to give away and we will update the status here once it is no longer available. So get it while it is still available